Basic table displaying "False" instead of just being empty

You should fix it on the Sheets side, by clearing all those checkboxes.

You can’t prevent it, it’s a known thing with Sheets. The best thing is maybe check every time you add a new column, if the last column in that Sheet is a boolean or not, and clear values as needed.

Ok so let’s say I just clear out all the check boxes, aka falses…My biggest concern is that if new members sign up that it will continue to pop up “false”. Does that not happen?

Is this a new “thing” with sheets? I have other booleans and text columns and never had this happen? So this is caused by booleans and text columns being next to eachother on the sheet? Do I want the boolean to be last on the sheet or no?

ps - can’t clear them on the sheet side. They won’t delete. I double click, backspace, and the check box comes back. Works if i delete on the glide side though

If you have properly cleared it, I don’t think it would happen again.

No, it has always been the behaviour as far as I aware.

It’s just that you might have never had a boolean column as the last column in your Sheet before you add a column from Glide. Then you keep adding, and it keeps adding the same thing.

No, if you’re adding columns from Glide then you don’t want that, because you might move columns around in Glide and not aware which column is last in the Sheet.

Please attach a video if that keeps happening.

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