Column default value when added via app

I have an app that uses 2 boolean columns and they appear as checkboxes in the app. When a user is added to the google sheet the columns are blank and therefore my app does not work properly until i go and set them manually to false which is what I would want them to default to. I am sure this is covered somewhere but I have not been successful finding the information! If I could get the row added to include the 2 columns with false as their default setting then all would work fine…thanks in advance for your assistance!

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What is your settings that are related to those values?

I think you can just set it to “Is not True” instead of “Is False” if I understand it right.

When the user logs in the app adds a new row as this app keeps track of individual settings and so each user has a row. The row is added and the 2 columns are blank when added…I have to go set them manually to True or False in order for the app to see them properly. I am sure I am over complicating this but am tired of banging my head on my table now :wink: Is there a way for a row to be added and the default set for those columns automatically?

So you only have a problem, let’s say, visually with those columns right?

Does it not being a True or False value on default break any configuration in your app?

I know this as I have worked with quite a few apps that experienced the same thing but as far as it doesn’t break anything in my app I don’t really pay attention to them.

If it links to any of your settings please provide some screenshots, I’ll be happy to help you configure that.

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I try to use 2 Switch Components in New item form.
The default values are false.
When I insert new rows in the sheet, both default values are false, also in Glideapp.
I hope this help you.

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Thank you…trying switches now and you are right that they add with the default being False…think this will correct the issue.

Thanks to everyone!


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Thank you very much for your ever present help! I have worked through this and think I have it all done at least for now!


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You are welcome.

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Just a note that @ThinhDinh’s comment about simply using logic that says if not true rather than if false does fix the issue that glide may have in interpreting empty cells.

You are correct that the true/false tick boxes do not appear until used, but simply changing the logic in the components/columns that reference them to not true will fix the problem.

Let me know if you have any questions.