Set default to Switch button

How can I set the default of the Switch button to be TRUE?

Good question.

Nowadays this is possible only in forms. But I also wish to be when it’s not in forms

you need to create if-else column to check if your column that holds true/false values is empty… then set to true else (if not empty) set to the value from that column…
then base your switch on it when you are going to that screen/tab/form/view details… to set value beforehand… that would required a custom action for whatever component you are using to get you there.

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Hi, to set column for switch/Boolean column, (true/false), is there any condition to set column. For example, should be capital letter or any ?

I always use lower case true/false

Actually, I rarely use false. Because when I check the values, I always check for true or not true.

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Oh… because i have one condition if its fulfill, have to uncheck the Boolean column.


So you can either set it to false, or just do a Clear Value. I prefer to use Clear Value, mostly because when you look at a Boolean column in the Data Editor, it’s basically impossible to tell the difference between false and empty. So I always set mine to empty, and then I never get tripped up.

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I understand your preferable. But mine, i just put False. Scare the Data editor cannot read the empty one .

That’s fine.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to check for not true instead of false.
If you do that, you get the same result for empty and false.

Remember - every boolean column will be empty until the first time you set it.

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Ok understand. Thank you so much for your valuable explanation.