Switch - default position

I’ve been going through the search functions but cannot find an answer.

What i would like to have is a switch that is by default is set to true.
i tried with IFTN but that column is locked in and cannot be chosen by the switch settings.

Any way around this?

You would need to set the value to true before you display that screen.

  1. If you come to that screen from a list, you can create a custom action to set the value to true and then go to the detail screen.

  2. Another approach depending on your app is to set the value to true after you create the record through an ‘On Submit’ action.

  3. Or you can use a template column that holds the value of ‘true’ and then use that value to set it to true when creating the record similar to a ‘special value’


In addition to what Darren has said above, if you’re using a form to add new objects, when you use a switch component then you can set the default value to “On”.

This is available for both Apps and Pages.