Change default value of Button to TRUE?

Is it possible to change the Button value using configuration rule (typically DATA view) to “force” the Button to True/False ? Case it that I would like to start with green button position (TRUE) instead of white button position (FALSE).

Your the 2nd person to have asked this question this week. All button default values can be changed. But the change needs to occur either in Google sheet or Glide editor.

Hi Wiz,
yes thanks I know this description, but I think my question was not clear enough, So I will reformulate:

Is it possible to change the Button value using configuration rule (typically DATA view using IF-THEN-ELSE or whatever), not via Glide or Gsheets, means to “force” the Button to True/False ? Case it that I would like to start with green button position (TRUE) as DEFAULT value instead of white button position (FALSE) and be able to change it anytime without interacting with Glide editor or Gsheets.
Example: Switch button is automatically set to TRUE tomorrow (or every day) at noon.

Like @Wiz.Wazeer said, I think you would need to set this with a script in the sheet. Especially if you want it reset every day.

An alternative would be to use a form button which would pass along a Column Value of True from another column in the parent record that contains the form button. The True value would be written to the sheet. Then when the user edits the record, the switch would already be set to true.

The way Glide is designed, you can’t assign an If Then column to a switch. Unfortunately, Glide does not allow for a default value of switches, but maybe that would be a good feature request.

Agree with Jeff a 100%. Played around with Glide’s ISSUE TRACKER for a bit, and data validation on spreadsheet.

True you can change default values but requires work.

The If x then y not your solution. It never really is for such things.

Query 1.

Form submission is probably your best bet if your not a script person. Add the switch button to your form with something like “please switch button to right before submitting the form”. This trick will turn the switch to ON at your end. You can switch it off when your task is completed.

If your app is a complaints received tracker then I would suggest two switch buttons. One for use with form submission, and one for when complaint is resolved. Check out Glide’s Issue tracker. Just add another switch column to see the magic.

Query 2

To set switch button to on/off at different intervals would require you to set up conditional triggers in the sheet itself. But, whether Glide would be able to feed it back into your app Jeff and others would able to tell you. It’s not something I’ve had cause to try to date outside spreadsheet. Sorry.

Hope I’ve been helpful.


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Thanks for your answers, I understood it’s not so easy !

Looking to Jeff proposals:
What do you mean by “parent record” ?
What do you mean by script ? do you have in mind formula in Gsheets ?
Referring to Query 2 off Wiz : Globally speaking, how “open” is Glide ? means is it really possible to go in the Glide code (through API ?) to perform such change ? if yes, in which language(s) ?

Looking to Wiz proposals:
Query 1. Asking user to switch button or Adding a button can’t be a solution beacause this should be transparent to user !

The record that contains the form button.

A Google Script. I don’t do much scripting, so you would have to search for a simple script to handle what you want.

No, there is no API. Glide is designed to be simple to use for most users. There is no accessible API or access to it’s inner workings.