Change default value of Button to TRUE?

Yep. That’s what I’m getting at. Open the list item and flip the switch. That or change the list to a checklist style layout

I am lost here because I cannot see a list item which is a switch as a result of my Form submission.
How exactly was I supposed to have originally transferred the “True” to the Form? I had used a hidden column to do it (from parent to the Form). I did not transfer it to a switch - just to a regular column. So after the form submission, I can only access the value of this column. Where does a switch come in?

I am using a Details layout to view my list and cannot switch to checklist style layout. I have 100% customized to the Details layout.

Yes you can. Go into the settings of the inline list and change the layout style.

I don’t know what " go to settings of inline list" means. Here is what Details vs. Checklist views look like.

Click on the inline list component

Do you mean ‘add a component that is an inline list’? What does ‘go to settings of the inline list’ mean?

Sorry I do not follow you that easily Jeff…I have never seen these things discussed elsewhere.

OK, we can go back and forth all day, but it looks like we need to cover some basic stuff first. I’m gonna need to see screenshots of your detail screen and all the components that you have on it. I’m gonna need to see the form screen and all the components on it. I want to see the data on the parent sheet, including the template column that contains the true value. I want to see the data on the form response sheet, including the column that is receiving the true column value from the parent sheet. I especially want to see your form response list, and what you see when you click on a list item. If you want to do it as a video, that is fine. If you want to share the published link to your app or allow it to be copied, even better. If you can show or demonstrate how the app is supposed to flow from beginning to end, then it will help me understand. From what I understand, you have everything in place and the only step left is to change the style of your list to a checklist OR add a switch component within the details view of the list items, but I can only make assumptions based on what I’ve read. Visuals help immensely.

ok @Jeff_Hager. I will try to put it together and send it to you. I very much appreciate your help.

“Then when the user edits the record, the switch would already be set to true.”

  1. When you say ‘edits the record’ do you mean actually clicking on “Edit Item” icon from the (after Form submission) page to open up a switch component and clicking toggle to switch it to FALSE? Or did you mean this can be done directly from the post Form submission page (my preference), without any need to click on the “Edit Item” icon?

2.In this scenario, would the edit would be happening in the Form (before submission) or in the parent sheet (after Form submission)?

If after submission:
3. Does this not mean it is happening in the parent sheet? If not, where else are ‘forms submitted’?

  1. I am assuming the switch icon exists on parent sheet and not to the sheet where all the submitted Forms reside. However, the changes that I want the user to make are to the latest submitted Form. As such, switching from TRUE to FALSE on the switch will only be recorded on the parent sheet. What is the best way to link this to the last submitted Form sheet record?

Thanks for all your help, @Jeff_Hager.

Here is the app flow via screenshots.

In your explanation here, can you please provide an example of illustrating how “Then when the user edits the record, the switch would already be set to true.” would work?

How would the switch on the parent sheet actually be forced to change to True? Would I have to use a Lookup from the parent sheet to look up the True value from the sheet where it was written to? What are the possibilities? I am trying to utilize for purposes of using for some of my visibility conditions.

As always, thanks for your help.