Basic Table cuts off words going off screen

Some of my basic tables look right and some cut off entire WORDS, not just letters. It also changes day to day which tables are fitting the format and which ones aren’t. Anyone able to give me advice on this?

Pictures to show I do have text wrapping allowed and it changes from working to not working on different profiles.

It looks like you don’t have any spaces between words. It’s hard to wrap a word that’s 50+ characters long. :wink: . Add a space after each comma in your list of services and it should wrap correctly.

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So i didn’t actually write it out like that, they are choice components formatted in a list for the table.
It’s also written in the database that way, can i manually add the spaces in the database without messing it up?

You could create a template column that takes Specialty Services column as the template source and set up a replacement that replaces a comma , with a comma and a space , . Then display the template column in your basic table.

I’ll try it!

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