Tables format for a better experıence

Hello all, lovıng the platform and the communıty!

I have a couple of newbie questions and would be grateful for help:

  1. Is there any way to increase the number of columns in a table?

  2. Is ıs possıble to djust the text formatting so column 2 doesn’t sit so close to column 1? Text is being cut from column 1 but there’s a bunch of space in 2.

  3. When I create 3 or more in-app filter options the title for each disappears (see screenshot). Is there any way to remedy this


No. At least not yet. We remain hopeful that there will be in future.

Not easily. It might be possible with CSS, but that requires a Business Plan or better.

That looks like a bug to me. Tagging @NoCodeAndy

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