Search Tables or Filter

How about having this, it won’t take a couple of mins to developed it

I guess you’re aware that the column search also works across multiple tables?

Whilst you can’t search for table names, if you know the name of the column you’re looking for you can very quickly narrow down the table list.

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I am aware of the searching columns however I prefer to search in table in table cause I don’t remember all the columns in each table

Probably a terrible idea, but until a native table search feature is available, maybe you could create a column in each table whose name would be the name of the table? :zipper_mouth_face:

(I do something useless that I’m not proud of: you know how the last column of a table is difficult to resize and it just doesn’t behave the same as the others? I add a ghost column I call “END” at the end of my tables so the column just before it can be resized more easily.)


hahaha :rofl:

Okay, I’ve considered doing something similar. And it’s not just resizing that’s a challenge with the last column. Sometimes you can’t get at the drop-down menu, so it becomes a challenge to duplicate or delete the column, for example.

But rather than creating ghost columns, I just move it one column to the left if I ever need to do that :wink:

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