Find uses - in reverse

When the number of columns gets large with a lot of relations, the ability to search columns and find uses is super helpful.

What about the inverse of Find uses? As in, find the column or columns that are involved in computing that column.

Add “Find elements” or something similar to this column action dropdown


Similarly, I have often found myself faced with a table I want to detach, and have to click on every column to see if it is “in use”. It would be great if there was an icon or some visual representation in the column header that a column is unused. It would also help to quickly clean up a table of all unused columns – sometimes in ‘trying things out’, I end up with unused columns that were created and then abandoned because the solution required something else.

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yeah, what I would really like is a “Find All Unused Columns” feature that would scan all tables and return a list of unused columns.


Once again I find myself stating, “I wish they would spend a little time with the data editor for improvements, just like they’ve spent time with the Builder over the last few months.”