Search columns when selecting within a component/column

Would love the feature to search > filter > select a column from the dropdown menu within components/filters/columns.

When I have 80 columns and I’m creating a basic table, complex if-then-else column, etc. it would save A LOT of time if we could search for the column rather than requiring the app builder to scroll through the list of columns for each condition.

Integromat does this well:

Yes please

YES please!!!

I spend a lot of time reading and searching slowly over non alphabetical or ordered lists. This would help a ton for more complex apps.

When we have lots of columns it’s a bit mess if we have to search in a looong list. This fewature would be fantastic.

Sorry I missed this one Bob!!! +10 for this one! I’m going crazy right now, I need this!!!

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Right?! The scrolling through and scanning 50+ columns for every condition is debilitating.

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Very!! I’m doing what is probably my longest compound action ever, and I’m suffering the consequences of this

Implemented today!

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