Multiple choice component values should be separated by comma followed by a space bar

It would be nice if values selected in multiple choice component are separated by comma followed by a space bar instead of just comma. Realized it’s a really hectic exercise to do Split text and then Join Text when I was doing this for 15 columns today.

Why does that make splitting and joining easier?

@david Grammatically it’s wrong if there isn’t a space after comma right? I was making a education app today and the client was very particular about this. They had 15 columns that had multiple select options. In order to display the text on fields, I had to do Split text and then Join to make it grammatically correct.

Instead of using split and join, why don’t you use a template to change commas to commas plus spaces.

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Ooh, good point. Didn’t think of that. But still I wish there was a space added after comma automatically when selecting multiple values in choice

I think it’s pretty good raw data. Separation with commas can facilitate a transformation to something else. I’m not sure what I’m saying, for example: counting the number of characters, making arrays, replacing commas with “-” signs or emoticons without needing to mistake whitespace, splitting into independent words, etc. I know, spaces also count as one character.

If you need a “grammatically correct” output of a choice component entry, then use a template column and replace all the commas with a comma and a space.

There can’t be spaces in a choice component output because then it wouldn’t match with the choices themselves as the choices themselves don’t have spaces that precede the value.

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Yes I understand that. I was just saying it would have been good to have if it was separated by a comma and space by default. Just my opinion :blush:

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