Spacing of choices


I am using the new choice buttons in my app and allowing multiple selections. The multiple selections appear when I place the component on a page. They are separated by a comma, however, there is NOT a space after the comma so it displays running together.

What it is doing: Choice A,Choice B,Choice C
What I desire: Choice A, Choice B, Choice C

Is there something I have not set correctly that there is not a space after the comma?

Thanks for your input.

I did find a work-around using the new computed columns but I would prefer if it were just corrected to include a space after the comma to lessen clutter in the data editor.

My work around is to use the Excel SUBSTITUE formula to change or occurrences of a comma “,” with a comma space ", "

You can do the same using the template column inside Glide, but yeah, I would love having a space here.

I think the ideal would be to allow for a configurable delimiter. Personally, I don’t want extra whitespace - I have no use for it. Also, commas will break if the source data also contains commas. It’s just a matter of time before somebody reports that as a bug :joy:

Actually, just thinking about it a bit more, adding a space there would be a really bad idea. That would mean if you were to subsequently create a split text column from the result, every element in the split text array (except the first one) would have a leading white space. This would break all sorts of things. So please, no white space.


That is a great point, however I can recall the split text automatically trim the text for me.

Here I use a joined text column with space (", "), splitting it without any space (just a comma), then the relation using the name column to relate to the split still picks everything.


ah yes, you’re right. Split text seems to be clever enough to figure out when there is extra whitespace. That’s good :slight_smile:

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