Multiple choice, coma


I created a pre-formatted email system.
The user write paragraph as presets. To save time …

Then they build an email by tapping on multiple choice chips to add the presetted paragraphs in a text column.
Then the text column is part of the email. (among others)

But when we use multiple choice chips, the value are coma separated. (normal way to separate values)
Unfortunately, if the value itself contains comas, then the column can’t work anymore…

The work around i use:

Created intermediate “replace all” column
it replaces all the comas inside the value by a dot…

But in the end the email is full of dots instead of comas…
This is ugly.
Any way to have text paragraph values including coma while using multiple choice component ?

I search a similar topic but couldnt find.
Thanks in advance

The choice component gives you both “Values” and “Display As” options under Content.
To avoid the problem you are describing, you should use something like a RowID as the Values, and the column values that you want the user to choose from as the Display As.


Perfect! :slight_smile:

Thanks Darren

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