Using Comma inside a sentence of an alternative of a form question make it uncheckable

Describe the bug:
When you use a comma inside the sentences of the alternatives in a form, you can’t check it

Expected Behaviour:
It should behave the same way as the other alternatives as the others without commas

If you mean a choice component with multiple choices allowed, you must make sure you don’t have any trailing spaces.

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That’s correct… Thank you very much for your attention
I have read your reply to other post, about the trailing spaces, but that’s not exactely my problem. It seems to be alike, but in my case I don’t have them (trailing spaces)… this bug happens when a choice in which a comma is inside the statement is selected. This choice, when clicked, should be able to be selected, but the check sign doesn’t appear.

I would suggest using a Row ID or some other value that does not contain a comma. You can set the choice component so it displays the sentences, but the value is the row id.


That appear to be the solution, for now, but as the form was made to be a questionnaire to investors, it would be better if the sentences were written in a formal way, as a text, with the commas, and not changing them to slashes and dots. Anyway… I removed the commas - and it worked - but the bug is still there.

The initial problem, that was figuring out why the form wasn’t working as it should, is what really took me some time (noob). :sweat_smile:

Thank you very much for your contribution.

I would not consider it a bug, but a feature request. Glide uses commas to separate your multiple choices, so you can’t really put commas inside your own choices, because it will put off the data written to the backend. The solution here, for Glide, is allowing us to use our own delimiter.

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You are absolutely right. I forgot about that. Thanks for your time!!!

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If you follow Jeff’s suggestion - which would probably be considered best practice anyway - you can have as many commas as you want.


I’m really a beginner, I actually didn’t understand quite well what he meant.
Would you care to explain in other words?


It’s the “Display as” thing in the choice component. You can:

  • Have a rowID for each of your choices.
  • Create a choice component that writes the rowID to the backend (values), but on the front end display them as the original text (Display as).

By doing so, you would be allowed to add whatever character you want to the actual text, since Glide just displays them on the front end, not using them on the backend.

Say you have 3 choices:

RowID Actual Text

Then if you construct the choice component as above, and choose the 1st and 3rd choices for example, on the backend you would see the choice being:


On the front end you will see “ABC, DEF” and “JKL” chosen.


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