Barcode scanning your inventory

Would be nice to have something like that for Webview too. So people can see if it works and what it does.

This is awesome…

I got how to scan inventory in… but how do I scan inventory out?

ideally when i scan in an item for example with a barcode i would leave the boolean checkbox flase… but when scanned again the boolean checkbox becomes true…

how do i create this rule or condition… right now it just adds new rows :frowning:

As a matter of curiosity, could the native Android (and iOS I suppose) capability to scan barcodes and QR be tapped in a Glideapp?
(a simple call onto Lens, maybe?)

that would be nice :slight_smile:

@POWH_RPS when you use the native camera app on the phone (iOS anyway) it behaves as it does. And taken a photo in iOS it can recognize a QR code and take you to a website but you want it just to read the info and put it into a field I believe. That cannot be done I think

Then there are keyboards that can read QR code but the use relies on people installing a special app which is cumbersome.

So we just need glide to add extra capability to also read QR code’s :sunglasses:

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…or waiting for Apple/Android to add to their keyboards a QR/barcode reader (i.e. instead of a useless list of millions of emojis…)

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New to Glide here. Working on a field capable inventory tracking scenario/solution to scan item barcode, update item count live sending scan results to a designated Google Sheet prepped to receive the new data in living in my Drive folder. It is accomplished using Android app “Upsheet”. Said Google Sheet is also linked to Glide app to update new inventory numbers instantly upon Glide refresh. Yeah…It works amazingly. No zaps or other connect issues. Just use Upsheet with your phone camera and send all scan results to Drive. Then let Glide and Google sheets do the rest.

Find Upsheet by searching Google Play for Upsheet Templates

Thanks for sharing. :+1:
I’m on iOS and this specific app isn’t available but there are others.

Yes. I’ve since stumbled upon another app and company located in the UK even more promising for barcode scanning for use with all OS’s…Orcascan. I will be collaborating with them directly next week to discuss possible UI scenarios and connectivity features for updating spreadsheets connected to Glide.

Cool. Keep us posted :+1: