Barcode Scanner activates smartphone light

Hey Guys,

we are using the Barcode Scanner function. Works “okay”, still some errors reading the barcode fine.
The biggest problem is scanning under poor light. A lot of our drivers wich are delivering our goods are doing this at night.
The barcode scan doesnt working when its too dark :wink:

A solution would be when the function is called, the light/flash of the smartphone is automatically activated.

@glide Can you realize this?

Or does anyone has a good alternative idea?

kind regards

An alternative is to put a hint component stating that if its not reading due to poor light, to turn on your flashlight :grinning:


Sure that could help but we are talking about Courier drivers and forwarders.
It would be a very big help if simply the function provided by Glide would turn on the camera.

Moved to Feature Requests so others can vote on the suggestion. :slight_smile: