Bar code

I created an app for the warehouse. There is button where I can scan the bar codes and a table is recording all the bar codes.
The problem is that the camera of my phone cannot recognise the barcodes very well. Out of 50 barcodes can recognise only 2 (it is pretty bad). And the types of barcodes are all supported by glide. I think that there is an issue with the scanning.
Can you please give me an advise please? I just want to scan and take half a second not spent 1 minutes to try to center the line or stay steady and most of the time nothing happens.

Does the same thing happen on another device with the same app?

Which phone are you using? Is this an Android with an old camera, or a recent iPhone? Scan performance depends mostly on camera resolution, focus speed, and low-light performance.

Hello David,
thanks for looking into this.
I tried with only one device. This telephone is a new android phone, I cannot see why it shouldn’t work but I will definitely try with a new device.
The telephones are going to to in the warehouse so we cannot have the most performant telephone and the light conditions are not always the best.
I’ll definitely do some other test, I hope that it is the device otherwise I need to abandon the project because the bar code function is not able to to its job.

Thanks Again.


From my experience barcode scanning strongly depends on contrast of the printed code, the (white) space surrounding the code, light conditions etc.
Maybe experiment with different code layouts…

As an aside, I’m using integromat and the Bar Code module to make barcodes, then I save them back to Glide and display in the app. Works nicely and not hard to set up.

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