Back-end & front-end differences: help!

I updated some text on a screen but for one specific users the update is not visible on the frontend.
The strange thing is that if I go on the backend and visualize that specific screen as that user who can’t see the change I see that the text results updated in the frontend with that users visualization.
It has nothing to do with visibility conditions, basically there is not match between frontend and backend for that user

Are you talking about something like static text, or is it data driven text? If it’s static text on the screen, then has the user closed and reopened the app since you made the change? Data will sync quickly, but design changes can take longer and sometimes require a restart of the app before the end user will see it.

Hi Jeff,

It’s a simple static text. I updated the price from a “text” box and the user has closed and opened the app

So, it looks like it’s data driven from a table, correct? Are you sure that you changed the correct row for the correct hotel that the user is linked to?

Thanks for your help Jeff. Really appreciated. It’s not data driven it’s just text which can be written normally.

A bit of background: it’s a company handbook so the changes on this guide are visible to all users.
The change was made on the frontend and not on the backend, I double checked on the backend and the change is visible.

Million dollar question: How is it possible that for the same user that can’t see the change in frontend I can see the change in the backend selecting that users visual from the “viewing as” menu?
The front end page for the user should be = back end page with that users visual and in my case this specific page should be the same for anyone!

check if you have a filter on this tab… maybe is filtering data that is shown

nope, no filters. I updated a sentence in the company handbook and this user still can’t see the updated sentence

So you are saying that this text is directly coming from manually typed custom text inside the component and it’s not coming from a ‘Description’ column in the ‘Learning Center’ table? I just want to be clear on this since typing in custom text is considered a design change and updating a column value is considered a data driven change.

Also, when your user closed the app, did they fully force close it, or did they just push it to the background where it was still running, but not showing on their device’s screen. There’s a difference. When I say to close the app, it needs to be fully closed so it’s still not running in cached memory. Restarting the phone would be another option to ensure that the app was fully closed.

can you show the table editor screenshot?
in this kind of case, always look for:

  1. if the app is refreshed
  2. if the tab itself (not a list) has a filter
  3. if there are protected columns for that data
  4. data comes from the relation

if there are user-specific columns… Glide has some issues likely with that

What I mean with “manually typed custom text” is that there is a simple text component in the backend and in the front end you can just edit the text which of course updates in the Learning Centre un the column “description”.

Schermata 2022-04-09 alle 01.33.36

The user also opened the browser (not only the app from home screen) and typed the app url. Still the sentence did not update. Will check with the user if the app has been properly closed.

None of these Uzo, but again how is it possible that for the same user that can’t see the change in frontend I can see the change in the backend selecting that users visual from the “viewing as” menu?

is that in user-specific column?

OK, so it is in fact data driven, because the text is coming from the table. If that’s the case, then data should be syncing to all user’s immediately after it’s changed. May I ask which hotel this Late Charge information is related to?

nope, everyone can see it

It is related to 1 specific hotel out of the few in the app

I had a similar issue yesterday… try to set the app to copyable and copy it… it help me to solve that bug

so it is relation-based data?

relates to 1 hotel in the app but to ALL users in that hotel

then I would have to see your App from the inside…

Now that users can see the lesson as doubled!

Important: on the backend there is only 1 lesson for the “late check-out”, on the google spreadsheet too there is only 1 lesson/row with the updated description BUT the user can see both the old and new version!


User frontend doubled lesson (old + updated version with a different sentence inside)