Back-end & front-end differences: help!

That looks like two separate rows with the same title.

Can you show what it looks like in the Glide Data Editor?
Which column values are used for each of the Title, Details & Caption in your inline list?

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Yes, that is a bit odd. What happens if your user kills the app and opens it again?

Unfortunately I have a collection of odd problems :sob:

User tried to close and re open app but problem persists

I don’t see anything that would suggest a duplicate row or a user having access to more than one hotel. Can the user confirm that this is only happening on one device, or does it happen for them on multiple devices? If it’s only one device, I would suggest that they clear their browser cache for your url.

User tried to login on other device but the duplicate is still visible so we can exclude device related problem

I really don’t know then without seeing how your app is constructed. I suspect that it’s somehow pulling information for two different hotels. You could test by changing the Euro amount all other other hotels to see if the duplicated row changes, or at least change one at a time to isolate which other hotel is being shown. If that doesn’t work, then I don’t know what else to check.

You may just have to submit your issue to glide support and maybe they can see something.

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Great idea! I have done the test and changed the copy in each hotel and noticed it’s pulling out that row from another hotel! But now the question is why? That user is only associated to one hotel (the first one). In this case do you think it’s an app problem (something with how it has been constructed) or a bug in Glide?

Hard to say without seeing the inner workings myself. I would check your filters for that tab/list and make sure they are filtering correctly. My guess is that your filter is a little more complex than just checking if the user’s hotel id matches the hotel id in your learning center table and somehow retrieving multiple rows. Work backwards from that filter and see if the user is somehow getting access to the rows of two hotels at once.

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Thank you but why doesn’t the Glide back-end reflect the frontend?

This photo from the back end should be the same as front end in any case right?
Maybe I have problems with filter or some other problems but still there should be a match with what you see on front end + what you see on back end from that same users viewing

I don’t know why it’s doing that. Again, it’s hard to say without getting in there myself and seeing how the app is set up. It very well could be a bug. That’s why I shared the link to report it to Glide support. They can see a lot more than I can.

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