Is there any connectivity issue? Weird case

Team ID:

  • In the Glide dashoard URL, e.g.

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  • This case is happened for user named Teguh Nirwansyah
  • He upload the certain document, and there’s no problem uploading it, and the document is appear in the glide table and in interface of other users.
  • But, when he uploaded another different document, it is not appear in the table, also not appear in another user. The weird thing is, he upload that from his laptop, and it is appear in another of his device that use the same internet connection. But, in other far place, it is not appear in other user interface. The document is not exist in the table too.

How to replicate
Normal step

  • Upload document
  • Document uploaded
  • Document appear in app for other users

Abnormal step

  • Upload document
  • Document uploaded
  • Document doesn’t appear in the table, and also in app for other users

My diagnosis

Is connectivity play a crucial role in document update into table?
How much time is needed for a document to be synced perfectly for every users?

And the weird case in specific only for “THAT” column!

The other columns are fine if the document is uploaded, the document is appeared in other interface and also in the table.

did you create a custom action for this transaction?

I don’t know.

But I found this :

The “A” symbol is different. The data written blue one is not appear in the front layout and in the table, while the black one is appear.

Is there any different function of black and blue?

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That’s a user specific column. The data in that column will only be visible to the user that added it.


Oh I see…

Thank you!

You can check these links for supplementary info:

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