Made changes are not seen in de App

Hi Gliders,
Maybe I am missing something and I hope someone can help me.
I was in the hospital for the last two months (a serious health issue) and now I am home for a week now and was working on an app I created last year.
Just before I was admitted to the hospital, I discovered a bug in the app.
Now that I am home and was in the mood, I was looking into to bug and I also wanted to make some changes I discovered right now.
But I am running into a strange situation.
For a text field, I had changed the visibility settings so it would show when the field is empty.
On-screen it works, but as soon as I open the app on my phone, it is not working.
When I go back to the editor and look at the text field entry, the visibility setting is set back to what it was.
The app is published and when I check in the “Share” option in the top right corner and go to the publishing tab, I can see it was “Automatically published just now, or 1 minute ago”.
But in the app on my phone, I did not see the change.
I already had logout, removed the app from the background, started the app again, login, but the change is not there.
And in the editor, the change is undone.
Anyone has any idea what is going on or what I am doing wrong?
Many thanks for all your help, time, and effort. :slight_smile:

I had a bright moment, just now :slight_smile:
I have two screens/tabs at the bottom.
One is called “Active” and the other is called “Answered”
It is for an app where people can leave a request.
Once it is added, it will show in “Active”
Once a request was answered, it will move to the “Answered” screen.
In both, I am using the AnsweredRemark entry/text field.
But in one, I had put that it should show when the field is empty, and in the other screen, I had put it that it needs to show when it’s NOT empty.
Now I had removed that visibility option and now it is shown on both screens.
I think for now, I will leave it like this and see if it works the way I want it.
Else later I need to find a different solution for it.
Looks like I need to spend more time again to get the hang of things again :slight_smile:

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