Auto-hide container and load on button click

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a way to auto-hide area 2 in the image on the load of the screen and only show it when the user selects the Dine-In button on in area 1.

Thank you in advance.

What action ties to your Dine In button? You can set a value somewhere and show the Dine-In section only when that value satisfies a condition.

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I have attached the screenshot to the action.

My app is a public app that will not require users to login or have an account. Meaning that there is no User’s Table therefore no User’s Profile.

Just image you are on a public app that does not require you to login and you see an item you want, you click on the order button. A hidden container with a form becomes visible for you to enter your information.

How to hide the form is the first challenge, because the visibility option on the screen is only being driven by the product table. Meaning there is no other way to test for a condition to hide the form. Note that the product table should not be updated because this action pertains to just this anonymous user. But once the order button is clicked I can create a temporary row with a field in an order table to indicate that the button has be clicked but I cannot use that table to validate the visibility condition for the form below.

Secondly, showing the form after the button has been select is the other dilemma. Again, as stated above, the form visibility is still being controlled be the table the screen was designed from.

I am hoping that this make sense.

Thank you for your help in advance.

You can use User Specific Column to save the value of ButtonPress in same table and based on the value, you can hide/show Area 2.

Thank you for your suggestion. However, this app will not have a user table or profile. So I do not believe I can add User Specific Column unless I have one, correct?

You don’t need User Profiles in order to use User Specific columns.
The only difference is that if users are not signed in to your App, then any values in User Specific columns will not persist across sessions. Otherwise, they work exactly the same.

@Pratik_Shah and @Darren_Murphy. That worked perfectly. Thank you for your help.

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