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Hi all!
I have challenge, and my brain is overcooked at the moment.

I have a restaurant menu that works perfect for a single restaurant!

Now I have a new client that has 2 or more locations (cities), and now I want the user to select the restaurant he wants to view.

The 2 restaurants have different menus and opening hours.

I have 2 tables, one for the menu and one for the opening hours.

The user is not logged into the app (classic app), but I need to present different menus to different users depending on what city the choose.

How can I solve this?

I had 2 plans in my head, but I cannot get any of them to work.

Plan 1:
Add a new user-specific column in the user table that I name “city”
Hide all tabs if user-profile city is empty, and only show a tab with 2 buttons to choose the city.
The buttons will set a column value in the users “city”.
Only show the menu tabs of the chosen city and have multiple tables (tabs) with different menus.
This does not seem to work, maybe because the user is actually not a logged in as a user

Plan 2
Basically the same as plan 1 but keep only one table for the menu and add a “city” column in the menu and then choose to FILTER the list of items based on the users chosen city.
Somehow I cannot get this top work either.

I think I just need the explanation of logic how to make this happen.

Does anyone in here have an idea about the best practise to do this?

Don’t show anything to the user as long as he has not selected a city (location)
When the city is chosen by the user, show the menu and opening hours of the chosen restaurant to this specific user. Classic app i used.

Cheers Måns

If the user is not signed in, then the user table isn’t of much use. But user specific columns can still be used in any table regardless if the user is signed in or not. Maybe all you need is a single row working table with user specific columns. Make that table the driver for your screen, then display whatever you need based on those user specific values.


Just to add to this you could put single value columns in the Users table, target the 1 row working table and then those variables will become global


THX, I will try this, and get back with a result (in a couple of days…)

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