Removing Dependency on USER Table for Dynamic Form Visibility and Navigation

Hi, I previously posted this question, but the solution did not work. I am now posting a detailed version.

I have a button, “DisplayForm,” on a screen that makes the form of Table A visible. This visibility is dependent on the USER table.

I have two tables, A and B, and Table B is my target table for the navigation tab.

Table A is like a customer table. I have a table A, which is an SQL table. I created a “form container” over it. I want it to be visible once I click the “DisplayForm” button. When I click the button, the button will become invisible, and the form will become visible. I fill in the values and submit it. As soon as I submit this, the ID from the form of Table A is also set in a “Questionnaire” field in the USER table. Now, after submitting the form, it becomes invisible. Its visibility is also dependent on the USER table. Another container becomes visible with two buttons if the customer wants to proceed with further questions or not, and this container’s visibility is also dependent on the USER table.

Table B contains extra questions from the customer. If the customer clicks “Yes,” then Table B comes into the picture, it will again become visible it. It is a glide table and has an ID field set to the same customer ID using the USER table, as we already set the customer ID in the USER table’s “Questionnaire” field. Table B’s form has many choice questions therefore we created container components for each question each container component visibility is dependent on “step” field in table B. Upon submission, we use a button action to set the “ID” in Table B using the USER table’s “Questionnaire” field. Once the form is submitted, it resets all visibility conditions, and the “DisplayForm” button becomes visible again.

Note: For Table A, I use “FORM CONTAINER,” and for Table B, I use “CONTAINER” to give a custom view of a multi-step form.

My question is: I want to remove the dependency on the USER table, and I cannot figure out a solution for this. IF anyone can suggest any idea also we have a choice to use table B for visibility conditions as well, but we are already using a “Step” field in table B to give user a look of step by step form

Just build your screen on top of a helper table with only 1 row. Add user-specific columns as needed to store the values that drives your visibility.

can you explain what do you mean by helper table?

If by ‘helper table’ you meant ‘glide table,’ which is Table B (Table B is also the target table), then I did try your solution, but it is not working. The main problem occurs when the ‘FORM CONTAINER’ submits on its ‘After Submit Action.’ We cannot set the value for visibility conditions in the target table; we can only set the value in the ‘USER TABLE,’ which we don’t want

By “helper table”, I mean a 1-row table that you can build your screen on top of it, it is not your table A or table B.

If you have a relation/single value (whole row) setup to whatever row you want, from the destination table of the form, you can set the value to that row.