Remove dependency on user table


I have many components in my app whose visibility depends on the user table, but now I want to remove this dependency. Is there a way we can remove the dependency on the user table?

Do you still want to keep the user table, or do you plan to remove it as a whole?

We have planned to remove it as a whole

Actually we want to remove this dependency on user table because if some anonymous user open app we want him to enjoy all those feature which a user enjoy but this is not possible because of USER table dependency, as soon as we open app there is a button whose visibility depends on values of user table like if particular field is empty this button will be visible and if there is anonymous public user then there is no chance we could ever see this button

It’s best to rethink your decision. You can easily use “Find Uses” to find or set component visibility with other logic.

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We already did consider it and we don’t want USER table

My suggestion is to use the method above to delete all your visibility settings, before you make the decision to delete a column or table.

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