Visibility condition no longer responding to data

We created a multi-step form that has been working for the last couple weeks. Yesterday, it stopped responding to the data in the referenced table.

Sorry, I’m a new Community member, so I’m restricted to only one image per post. Hopefully you can get a sense of what I’m trying to show you.

This container should only show when Setup Step field is empty. But as you can see, Setup Step is 2, which should trigger the visibility condition for the next container but it isn’t.

Is that a form container, or just a normal container? Judging by all the required fields, It looks like a form container, which in most cases would be disconnected from the table until the form is submitted.

Also, forms don’t always play nice with user specific columns, because user specific columns rely on Row IDs to work properly, and if a row hasn’t been added yet, then it doesn’t have a row ID and you can’t assign user specific values because it does know which row they belong to.

So, that leads me to another question. If you are adding rows each time, do you really need the Setup Step column to be user specific? If each row belongs to a user, then there is no reason to have user specific columns…unless another user is able to store a different value in that same cell.

User Specific Columns are designed to hold values in a single cell that are unique to each user if they all share that same cell in the same row.

It’s a normal container. I’m sure I could do without the user-specific column (tried it that way actually today in attempt to troubleshoot), but at this step the Row ID would already exist which is why I initially opted for user-specific.

OK, then you are fine with using a user specific column.

My concern now is that you have several columns that are not user specific. Since it’s apparent that you have created a custom form, the typical procedure is to fill all user specific columns, in a single row table, and then have a final submit button that writes those user specific values to a different table followed by clearing the user specific columns so the form is ready for it’s next user.

I fear that with your current setup, multiple users could be stepping all over each other if they are using the form at the same time.

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