Argh - deleted data in a Glide Sheet.... and my main tab loses all the components!

My app’s URL: Glide

I have a Glide Table for ‘agent review’. I needed to tidy up old data, erasing values from columns, to allow me to see these rows in an inline list in the Tab - Agent Workspace.

Imagine my outright horror that all the components vanished from Agent Workspace. All of them. Blank. Gone. Nada. Zip.

None of the other tabs have been impacted. I was looking at that Agent Workspace tab before I moved into the data editor, and then back to it when I returned.

Gone… :frowning:
this is scary. I have a backup - but obviously I have to manually copy every single thing across. Very unhappy bunny today…

… it was not a totally terrible thing. As I was moving to production, I need to do a code walk-through anyway and was able to find some bugs :slight_smile:



I went to one of the tabs that had had all its components removed.
It was still blank.
I added an inline list back in - to one of the sheets I had used before
I clicked on an item from the list…

and as if by freaking beautiful magic, my code / components were still there!
I have not lost everything - joy! :sparkles: :star2: :star: :star_struck: :innocent: :crazy_face:


You need to disable the global component invisibility variable :stuck_out_tongue:

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now that makes a lot of sense… for some reason I had “delete all my components… but not really” switched to On in the global app settings :wink: