Are all phones / Os supported?

I have a user with a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 - they are having problem (not able to ) saving to Home Screen.
Is this likely to be due to incompatible phone or OS ?

Seems like it’s using an older version of Chrome under the covers, and would need to be updated.

What please is the minimum requirement- ie what version of Android is required?
I am an iOS user !

Thank you very much

Hi, most Redmi phone have various bugs with glide. I have been dealing with these for ages. Below is a list

  1. Unable to save to home screen ( fixed by using Firefox browser, native one is not supported)
  2. Unable to take a photo using glide in-app camera option (error with memory - no fix yet)
  3. Browser image button sometimes does not deploy and does nothing (no fix)
  4. App occasionally freezes and need to restart

So would installing Chrome solve the issue ?