Apps from Store not working anymore

My app’s URL:


when opened in chrome the app works just fine. Download from playstore throws the error as in attached image. Is this a google store issue?

Thanks for help

So you converted your app and uploaded it to the store?

yes,it worked for the last 3 month or so. no new upload, it is still the first release.

This is not a bug with Glide. Glide does not support self publishing to ‘stores’

If an issue has arisen since you published your app then this is unsupported by glide. Sorry.

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glide apps are not supported on app store. so glide apps are basically not compatible. if there is no answer on this from devs long outlook on glide as a partner is useless?!

It depends on your point of view.
Personally, I have no interest in publishing any of the apps I build in the App Stores, and I find it quite liberating that I don’t have that extra complexity and cost to deal with.

If a customer baulks at that, and insists that their app must be available in the app stores, I just suggest that they find somebody else to build it for them.

PWA’s are still a relatively new concept, but they are gaining traction. I suspect that in a year or two this won’t even be a discussion worth having.


Hi Darren, thanks much for your response. The concept of PWA’s is about 15 years old, at least this is what google throws after a quick search. Anyway, the question is, if anything at glideapp’s side changed at all so that my app does not work anymore when freshly installed from google play store?

It’s unlikely any of us here who has no intention or prior experience will be able to answer your queries. Would be best to work with something like I think.

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the community usually is really helpful here, i do not understand why you leap out of the window that much. i said i happily pay and with sql support at horizon it even makes more sense.

i had issued a simple question and yes probably because you are certified does not mean you have full insight, so if you could please keep your thoughts at the moment to yourself as in other occassions your are a great ressource.

did anything at glideapp side change so that my apps from play store may not work anymore when freshly installed?

Many of us are much more familiar with Glide’s native built in features, so a lot of us are not as familiar with any attempts to use third party tools to get an app published in the Google or Apple store. Also, since Glide does not currently have any native support for app store publishing, I doubt they are going to spend their own resources to debug and find the source of a problem with something they don’t currently support. As for you question asking if something changed…Glide changes every week or more, so it’s really hard to say if there was a particular change that affected your app, or if there is a problem outside of Glide.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help about this in the forum, but there are several ways to get an app published into one or both of the app stores, and I don’t believe you mentioned how you got it published to an app store in the first place. You may want to specify which method you used, so anybody that has used the same method may be able to help. Once you start getting into third party tools and unsupported methods, then things become a lot more complicated to diagnose. It could be something Glide did, it could be something Google did, it could be something with the method you used to publish the app. Nobody knows.


thanks jeff, you are right. i will drop it and sleep over it.

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To add to this, from what I know, Glide has recently stopped supporting any plans to publish Glide Apps on stores, and I’m not sure if they are open to do it again in near future.

That’s why I recommended, whose founder is a member of this community as well, and more likely to have the ability to help @Marco72.

Just felt like it could help your case, sorry Marco if that comes across as something frustrated for your experience here in the community.


thanks my friend. it is indeed frustrating and also with their new enterprise approach (that i like) in my opinion contra productive.

One « stupid » idea that I may have, why don’t you try to recreate the apk of your app and republish it as an update ?

If that works, you’ll be able to praise yourself as a developer that has created an update for an ever ending native apps developer.

If that doesn’t work, I suggest you to check for other alternate ways without dropping your app :slight_smile: