Is there a workaround for publishing to Google Play?

I understand that publishing apps to google playstore is not supported. I don’t want to state the obvious about how sad it is. But my question is, has anybody tried creating a wrapper around a glide app to publish it on the playstore? I am thinking of things like cordova or phonegap. If you have done this, what is your experince?


I’ve been wondering about the same

No comment or answer? Nobody has even tried?

I already did this not exclusively with Glide, but with a website of mine and until today I have had no problems in the play store

I will try phonegap this week

Yes, I have mentioned this a couple of times and I think Glide should post this as a alternative to help everyone. Microsoft offers a free PWA Builder and with it comes the option to post to app stores. This is located at :

@david can we get this posted somewhere for everyone to see. It would help grow Glide in popularity knowing that our community has this option and it does help you guys with the amount of submissions you get in this field as well.


You can try, it’s a nocode solution and supports both Android & iOS.


Hello, and how did you go about hosting the assetlinks.json?

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