App Update Issue

Hey guys,

I’m facing a problem - my app components on production only update if I unpublish the app and publish it again.

Does anyone else face this problem?

Can you reproduce it in a video?

Yes, here’s the video and steps (happens all the time):
1 - Adding a new component (filtered inline list)
2 - Reloading the data (just in case)
3 - Checking the live app on web - the component isn’t appearing
4 - Unpublishing the app
5 - Publish the app again (stuck on the loader 2 times)
6 - Checking the live app on web - component is appearing

More details:

  • The app was copied from my other project
  • I initially had a PRO package
  • This app is on the Starter package

Without unpublishing your project, can you click on the Share button in the upper right of the screen, select the publishing tab I think, and tell me if you have it configured for manual or automatic publishing?

Publish manually is disabled. So I assume it’s automatic.

I can’t quite tell in your video. Is that an “installed” app on your computer, or are you just viewing the published url in a normal browser window?

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