Do NOT use Publish manually!

I got stupid and use Publish manually option for the second time, and once again my app got destroyed! I used it about 5 weeks ago, and elements disappeared, I used it again now… some elements disappeared, some compound actions were empty… totally empty, nothing even to click…guys don’t use it!

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In my pages i also see some(empty compound action and some objects disapers).Publish manually was active.
In first time i immediately deleted all broken items But second times i had go drink coffee and after half day i see all is ok

I use manual publishing in all of my projects, and I never have a problem :man_shrugging:

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Because God likes you

Hm. I also use manual publishing and i haven’t experienced missing components/actions.

Everything happens for the first time. For example, I’ve never seen this:
Perhaps Glide is updating something again, so there are glitches
I just saw a glitch in the incorrect display of tables, I started recording it and everything returned to normal, but a new feature appeared :slight_smile:
Now we can preview and edit tables which are source of screen components

I never attributed it to manual publish because I only have one pro app that gets used daily. I have lots of free apps that I use frequently – and the funny thing is some of them allow publish manually, and some only allow auto-publish. The apps are in the same team, so I think it is because at some point it was supported for a free app in the new teams, and I turned it on, but now you cannot turn it on in a free team app.

I only told you that so I could say that I have not ever seen missing components, but I have experienced missing elements in custom actions – I mean actions that at one time worked and then didn’t work. I have been fixing some just in the last few days. I didn’t know it was related to manual publish. Thanks for letting me know – I was using that because I have many users and don’t want them to see my half-baked, incomplete, new features.

This could be a hard one to track down, but when I first reported it, of course, I was not able to tell Glide possible places to look for issues.

God likes Robert and Darren.

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Just now i had tested: it is still possible to create new team and to enable manual publish:

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Thanks. I didn’t see it because it looks like they moved where it used to be. I should have looked harder.

locky you… I used it 2 times, and 2 times it went wrong… the worst part is, is not fixable… elements are somewhere doubled, and even if I delete it… it still showed but with the wrong parameters… just a nightmare…
I stop using Glide for serious development… these things just keep happening every few weeks, my clients are so frustrated.
I only use Glide as a UI for google web apps, it saves time developing some non-important elements.

Empty compound is like virus it come again, but without manual publishing -have a look: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom
One hour in a before i had button with action and now i loose it again, but i had never to used manual publishing in this page
It coming random

Same here. It destroyed my app and users couldn’t access to my app (domain problem I guess).