Lost the option to publish manually

Today I noticed my publish button was missing on the top right of the layout page.
It looks like manual publishing is now a paid feature?
I can’t find anywhere what pay tier it is.
I’d really like it back. My v2 just got rolled out to my beta users without my knowledge…

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Yes, it’s now a paid feature.

Not sure if it’s available from Starter or Pro, might have to get @DJP in this.

It’s available on the Starter Plan.


Noticed this in ‘pages’ yesterday where I had ‘publish manually’ but this has been removed and is no longer available on a free plan.

There is a problem though - Any changes I now make in the builder are not reflected in the live app.

I would expect any changes I make to be updated automatically now as I can no longer publish manually, this is not happening.

I left it overnight (just to see if it was a glitch) , refreshed, closed and restarted app etc and the changes are not showing :disappointed:

So it appears that removing the ‘publish manually’ has created an issue, for me anyway.

do not use it! every time I used it, it really destroys my App, there is a serious bug there. elements disappearing, compound actions go totally blank, some elements are doubling up and stay hidden, so you can’t erase or edit them… total nightmare! especially when you have a lot of columns, with my small apps it works ok.

This happened at the beginning of the feature but it’s stable for sometime

Make sure to clear the cache every now and then that’s my solution to updates that happen often in the background

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Thanks tried all that but changes in pages do not appear

Yesterday = publish manually available in pages (on free plan) - it worked well

Today = publish manually not available in pages (on free plan) - any changes you make are not reflected on the page (expected behaviour is that glide publish changes automatically). The issue is that there is no way of forcing the changes through to the front end. Looks like a bug :bug:


Okay. That’s weird. Our talented support team are at the ready! Please raise a ticket here. We’ll get this sorted for you pronto.