App to check prices Can I do it with Glide?

Dear Guys and Gals

Great to be here after finding this App Creation App.
I created a Google Sheet
I have seen many of videos , ran through the forum but still have questions

  1. My app is to look up 3 prices given an item code. If code is C, then the price es P,Q and R

I want to place the code in “search” then hit enter and have the price of the item come up

So far I have placed the code, hit enter but I don’t get the price right away, I have to click again

Example, using the list layout, after entering the product code I just get the code back, then I have to click it again to see the prices.

Is there a way to see the details / all prices for the product right after doing the search without a second click ?

Thank you

Is your goal to have something like this? but the 3 prices are shown immediately on the list, instead of having to click to detail page?

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 08.10.40

Yes ! , That is what I am looking for

You can choose List layout (not compact list), and then selecting “prices” for the Detail field

If you have a sample spreadsheet, it will be much easier to explain

Good morning

Kdimas answer was on the spot, once I changed to list view after introducing my product code, I could see all the prices I was looking for

Thank you

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