Help with Grocery Pricing Crowdsource Concept

Hi all,

Here’s a sample of the proof of concept I’m working on:

The idea is simple. I have a list of produce/groceries. I want users, without signing in, to be able to report their prices for each of these items. See the “Apple” entry as an example of how ideally this would work.

Currently, I have two sheets setup:

  1. The first sheet lists the grocery item, along with the median, average, max, etc via formulas that identify the column range in the second sheet.
  2. The second sheet is just a list of prices, as submitted by users, with grocery items listed in columns instead of rows.

The problem is that I’m a bit stuck on how to make a relation occur in Glide between these two sheets such that users can add a price entry from the summary view of the screen using a button, and ideally without figuring out which entry to type their price into.

Any suggestions would be appreciated :slight_smile:, including a better set up of the sheets!

Have you looked at the Column Value components in the form to pass the selected item through to the form response sheet?

You could always do this. The submit button shouldnt be a form but instead a combo action where it just takes the data and adds a row to the prices sheet. And clears the value of a Number inpput entry field.


And then build out the combo action to support all item types like this.


Also I would change the formulas to prepare for errors, to prevent issues with glide displaying the information.

or replace the blank("") with a Zero if you’d like.