Price comparison for different websites selling car parts

Dear Community,

We are looking to make a Glide app that allows you to search for an auto part within the app and have the results displayed in the app. The results will come from several websites of auto parts suppliers. In short, a price comparator. Would someone have already realized this case and help us?

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How will you fetch and store data for the app?

Thank you Sardamit. Retrieving and storing the data for the application, at the moment we are thinking of a classic method by linking the data to the Glide tables we will create. Can you advise us on the appropriate method ?

You can use containers to create a 1:1 layout and do comparisons for 2 items.
Ensure every field is filled, or else the comparisons will be off.

Thank you for your indications Sardamit. We are trying this and will come and post the result.

@Grid Created a video to showcase a couple of ways to create comparison tables in Glide Pages.

Hello Sarda. Thank you for your simple and comprehensive explanatory video. It is clear now.

However, please enlighten me: when it comes to comparing data that are not necessarily in Glide tables, how do you proceed? For example, on the following websites, you can find car parts:



The idea is to be able to put a Search button on a Glide Page from which you can enter a car part, and Glide will search for this part on these 2 sites and display the part with the lowest price.

You have to bring the data from other apps into Glide Tables/Google Sheets for this to work.



Thanks Sarda.