App Structure - how to make a better 'home page'

App Structure - how to make a better ‘home page’

I am working on my swipe app, and the ‘My Profile’ area is likely to get very busy with lists… overwhelming for the poor users.

So I would like to instead have a Tile layout below the profile Title… and the tile would have an image + description… and this would be a relationship to a screen for the specific area.

For example: ‘My Swipes’, “My Cards”, then “Chats”, “My Networks”

  • and each of these would open up new screens with lists and functionality, etc - all driven from this ‘My Profile’ home.

I set something up like this once long ago but I have completely forgotten how to do it, and I have not found a good template to copy. Any ideas would be greatly welcome - thanks!


In your inline list’s settings, just check off the option for “Independent Screen Configuration Per Item”. That way, you can have each tile lead to a different layout/result.

Where should I get the row / column for these values? I have one sheet for UI (single row), another for Lookup (where I put lookups throughout the app). Any suggestion? and much appreciated!

I am not seeing the option (I recall seeing the ‘independent screen’ note somewhere but it was not available for the inline list component I was trying:

Is it only available under some circumstances (which I am not doing). Thanks!

there is a check mark below list layout for independent setup

you have to choose: view details

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Thanks! I managed to get it working and find the option. So now I have what I want - a Details screen to add in lists… and each item can be nicely displayed and point to totally different things. Brilliant I can make a home screen - thanks!