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Hi David,

Need to talk regarding adding private chat to my app and can i add my app to app store. Please let me know.

Thanks and appreciate your quick reply.

I would recommend emailing, or maybe

Private chat has been discussed many times in this forum. Perhaps you should look at those topics.

And adding your app to the app store costs 999$. :grimacing:

ok thanks and appreciate your quick reply

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how about adding app to the Play Store costing?

is it cheaper to add to play store

I think 900 dollars is for both combined.

My app is matrimonial app and it is free for community. I don’t get any revenue. Just doing a service to community. I am paying from my pocket for community.

My friend, in no way, and in no platform can you add your app to the app stores for free - that is just not possible.

Yes i can understand that. Is there anything for not for profit organizations or a little cheaper than 999

what is the process of adding app to app store. so that people can download from app store. thanks

Just give them the link to the glide app.

There is no cheap option.

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A decision has been made to not commit programming resources to the the "publish to the App Stores " project in the short term. It may be revisiting it again in the future, but for now we are committing those resources to other initiatives.


You can use thunkable to do this, not the official way, but it has been done before