App permanently deleted by member

Hi guys, a couple days ago one of my clients (which is a member of the Glide team, not an Admin) deleted my project since they wanted to cancel billing. Without knowing they deleted all the projects including a SaaS I was building.

I understand it explicitly tells you there’s no recovery but wanted to write this in the hopes there’s some type of backup. Appreciate it


I understand many ‘experts’ have recommended if you are building for a client that you get them to make their own account, with their own team and transfer their App(s) to it, at the same time making you a member of their team.

Unfortunately, Glide does not back up our projects, and so unless you had perhaps made a duplicate in another team that you could duplicate back to this team, there is no way for you to recover.

I would recommend at this point removing all clients from your team and get them to set up their own account and duplicate and transfer their App(s) to their team. That way you always have a copy in your team also – for reference, etc.