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Hello guys,
My app is not refreshing properly. If you take a look to the pictuers attached, you will see that the names for the columns 8 and 9 are different in the DB and in the app.
In 8, text that appears is different. In 9, in the DB there is no text, only number 9, but in the app you can see number+text.
I already forced many times to refresh the data of the app, I rebuilded the whole module. No way, it does not refresh in any way. Even more, it appears a text of an old spreadsheet, that does not exist anymore. Is there a kind of cache or someting internal in Glide that could be the root cause of this problem? Any idea?

Bytheway, the problem happens only in this specific table. I get the data from an external Google Sheet using the formula importrange().
With the other screens of the app, I do not have any update problem.

Thank you!

Captura de pantalla 2023-05-08 a les 15.20.43

With importrange be sure to place the formula on the second row of your sheet. The problem on the header row is if importrange is updating while glide is refreshing then glide may find no headers.

I would also dbl check your sheet address in importrange…this doesn’t sound right.

Hi Eric,
Following your advise, I placed the importrange() formula and the 2nd row of the destination sheet. After refreshing everything, still exactly the same problem.

About your 2nd comment, double check the seed address in importrange(), I already did several times. I even created a new sheet, sharing again with a new URL to force to change it. But no success. It is very weird. As you can see in my images, the correct data is already in Glide. The problem is that in the layout of the app the data that appears IS NOT the date of the DB!

Just to be clear, headers should be static and not change. Your headings seem unconventional, so I fear that your sheet import is pulling in headings that may be continually changing, which can confuse glide. The reason @Eric_Penn mentioned placing the import on the second row, is assuming you still have static headings in the first row that are not affected by the import formula. The import also should not be pulling in headings. Only data, since you should have static headings.

I think I’m still missing something in your setup. I don’t know if your data is set up in the best way and maybe things should be in rows instead of columns.

It looks like you may be using a basic table or fields component. I’m curious how you are getting the column heading on the app screen, without it being hardcoded.

I think we need some more details on your setup.


Hi Jeff,

I have changed my setup. Now, my headers are static and I am only importing the numbers using importrange() formula. Still, problem persist.

I am using the component Basic table. Here an screenshoot of this Basic Table config:

Do you think my problem is using Basic Table?

Thank you!

So where are we at now? What’s still not correct? If you are referring to the numbered headings in the basic table not matching your data, that’s probably because you basic table headings are hard set. They are not pulling from any column values.


Yes, headers were hard set. That was the problem. And I do not know how to make it automatic.
Anyway, finally I changed manually all the headers and not it looks OK.
Thank for all the support!

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You can make the headers in a basic table component data driven, but you have to pull from a column value in the row. Not the data table’s column heading. Besides, column heading names should not change. They should be simple static headings names. Not complex values that constantly change.

You would probably have to rearrange your data or create additional columns to hold the player names. Then you would have an actual column value for your basic table component to pull from.

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