App loading time

Hello, How long is the normal loading time when opening the application? Because my application takes almost 3 minutes and 30 seconds , is there a way to minimize that time? This is the download link in case someone can try it please and see how long it takes,


That link doesn’t work for me. I would expect no more than 5 to 10 seconds. If you have an enormous amount of data to load on the screen, then it might take longer, but definitely not over 3 minutes. Hello, I charged it again please if you can see how long it takes on your phones I would appreciate it.

The link does not work, try re-send the link, please. I have the same experience once but sometimes when you have pictures that using links from the external website it could load longer than the picture you have on your glide database. but it is not longer than 3 mins.

Hello, I charged it again please if you can see how long it takes on your phones I would appreciate it.

About 10 seconds on my desktop and about 20 or so seconds on my phone.

Could be affected if it’s graphic intensive or there is a lot of background processing. I blocked the location request, so I’m not sure if that makes a difference or not if you are calculating distances and the time it takes to geocode addresses and calculate those distances. Just some random ideas that could potentially affect speed.

On my laptop only takes 10 seconds, on my phone takes 15 seconds

Of course I think that must be the problem, when calculating the distance of the businesses near the location, but unfortunately that is the reason for the app, find businesses near the user, perhaps there is some way to improve the loading time or perhaps I should remove some plugins to improve speed. Who can I talk to and help me fix it? From what you tell me then the problem is the calculation of the distance since by not doing it the load is faster

But it does not calculate the distance that you are with the businesses, right? Will it be a problem of slow loading when having to calculate the distance using mobile data from the cell phone? From what you tell me then I have 2 problems, the first when calculating distances and the second when using mobile networks because the times you give me are using WIFI, right?

I’m getting the same loading time results with location turned on, so I’m not sure if the distance calculation alone is the only issue. Do you have a filter on your nearby places? I’m showing over 7000km as nearby, so it’s probably trying to load the distance for every location. You could try to temporarily not show the nearby places list, or filter it to only show locations within a reasonable distance, like 1km or 5km, but I suppose it still has to calculate for every location to find out what’s nearby.

I guess I would try different things, like not showing so many images, or not showing so much on the first screen. Create a simpler tab that shows up first to see if that makes it load faster. All computed columns run their calculations on each user’s device, so that can start to become a lot data that has to be processed and cached on each user’s device.

Just keep in mind that every user has to download all of that data and then process through any non-basic computed column every time they open the app. I have similar issues with computation heavy sheets, but they also aren’t the first thing that’s loaded in my app, so the app initially loads quickly, but it’s certain tabs to take awhile longer to load.

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Thanks Jeff, if I have a filter in my nearby places, I will test all your recommendations and of course I agree to simplify some actions or eliminate them if necessary in exchange for better performance and opening speed. Thanks for your help I will work on this and tell you. See you later

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Hello, I need your help please. When loading an inline list with the content of different listings, ordered by distance, the load is too slow, I am about 45 seconds of loading. I tried leaving a button to access that inline list and it is the same loading time, but leaving the inline list only on the list page of each business and removing it from the main page and it did not work either. The inline list, even in the background, slows down the loading of my ads and takes it to 40 or 45 seconds. I want to point out that this time is with mobile data from a non-Wi-Fi cell phone, which is the way in which users will access mostly to see the businesses that they have near their location. That is the point I think is causing the problem, please any ideas what I could do? I have exhausted my options, very added, greetings.