App freezes when choice option is used

Hello to everyone! My app is freezing when I use choice component in the specific form. I am not sure about the correct word in English, it is something like screen jerks which is uncomfortable for eyes. I have captured the process in the video (first part and last part of the video). In the middle part of the video the other form is shown which sends data to another list and it works well.

Maybe you have any ideas which problems on the first data list may cause such behaviour?

It seems like most part of these lags are smoothed in the video (don’t know why), but in reality they are much more annoying. Like another screen appears for a bit of second and then disappears again.

I noticed this happening to me as well yesterday. I guess they’re making some changes to the platform?

Had you changed anything in the app before you noticed this issue? I really hope that it is just a temporary bug because I cannot find any other explanation while it is very annoying for my users. I tried to find problems in data, but cannot find any.

Nope, it’s an old app.
@Daniel_Sweet Would you mind taking a look at this plz?

@Petr_Shemyagin Which app is having this issue? Please share a link with me.

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