Form Button reloads during input

While filling out a lengthy form button, my users are experiencing issues where the app will freeze, reload, and redirect them back to the home screen. This clears all of the data out of their form button, causing them to restart all of their data entry.

I have two reasons why I think this might be happening.

  1. I have nearly 300 fields that can be filled-out (this app is being used to create products and opportunities in Salesforce)
  2. I have a choice field that has 19,500 choices that takes a second to load and appears to slow down the app. This field contains all of our customers.

Are either of these two possible reasons for why my users would experience this “reload” issue?

I know I’m pushing glide to do a lot – but hopefully I can find a solution that will allow my users to continue to use what I have built.

I am unable to share my app as it contains customer information from my company that I cannot share.

I think this is a bug, those numbers are crazy and possibly those are the causes for the error at the client’s side. Have you ever experienced the same thing in the Editor?

I think I’d be trying to break that down a bit. Instead of having a single form with 300 entry fields, which is (no offence intended) absolutely insane, I’d look to break that into several smaller forms. At least with that, if something went wrong at some point the user wouldn’t have to go all the way back to the start.

With your choice component, same thing. I’d try and break that down as well. Look for ways to create logical groupings of customers, and then present 2 or 3 smaller choice components instead of one huge one. For example, you might first select by country, then by state. Or something like that.


They are crazy numbers… I’m trying to figure out how to reduce it - but Salesforce has so many possible fields for Opportunities and Products. I’m using Zapier to connect Glide to Salesforce.

I have not experienced the same thing in the editor. My users are experiencing this on their phones and chrome-installed desktop apps.

No offense taken - Salesforce has many fields that my company uses. I may need to start another thread outside of the “Bugs” section on how to go about managing this many fields. There seems to be some folks who want to see arrays - several components being able to write to a single cell, separated by a comma. That would certainly help with the number of columns.

I did take your advice and sorted my 19,500 customers into alphabetical columns. All the customers starting with A in one column, B’s in another, etc. The speed of the app improved greatly. Before it was very sluggish. This might be the solution - don’t have a choice field pulling 20K options. I’ll monitor and see if this stops the random page refresh. If it is, I’ll be sure to come back and mark your answer as the solution.

Thanks for the advice.

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Could you split your customers by Sales Rep? ie…

  • Sales Rep A is responsible for Customers 1 to 100
  • Sales Rep B is responsible for Customers 101 to 200
  • Sales Rep C is responsible for Customers 201 to 300
  • etc…

If you do that, and combine with Row Owners, then you could see a HUGE performance improvement, because then each users device would only download the subset of the customer list that they are responsible for, as opposed to the entire list.


That’s brilliant! I did not know that glide’s performance would be influenced by this kind logic. Nice! I do already have Salesforce updating my spreadsheets using the Salesforce Data Collector addon. It’s already grabbing the account owner for each customer. Fantastic. I’ll do that!