App download page | A complete remake

Hello everyone,

I came up with a new idea that I’m sure you may want to follow up on it !
Why not creating a complete new layout of the download page ? The current one is definitely not attractive, and isn’t telling the user about the main features of a specific page. It’s a shame, because many users might simply leave the app if they think that the features they’re looking for aren’t available.

Therefore, I suggest to change the current :arrow_down:

By something similar to the apple store app display page :arrow_down:

Specifically the user will get these new informations :arrow_down:

  • Details/description of the app
  • Screenshots
  • Features
  • Safety related infos, with GDPR Regulation, and terms and conditions
  • And why not having a sort of review/rating page

This will help the users that are not familiar with glide to enter in a comfort zone, knowing that they can download the app they were looking for and the concept that they’re used to is not modified (apple store/play store).

I’d be happy to create a template if needed :slight_smile:

I know quite a few people not familiar to PWA’s and feeling king of worried that they can’t download their apps from the traditional stores. That can be corrected by showing them that they’re actually on a web store :slight_smile:

Hope that you understand my suggestion, and please vote for it !

Would love to hear your thoughts on it !

While this feature request is unique, the main point on it can be related to the following topic :arrow_down:

I suspect the right solution is somewhere in the middle:

  1. Pick up on app store familiarity, but simpler with fewer ideas and less confusion. Right now the app “download” page is too heavy an idea for actually only downloading a URL and an image – but it is understood by most people. So, we should come up with the fresh look we have now, but with a bit more information about the app.

  2. I personally think that although we may think it is easy to create apps in Glide, most people will NEVER be interested in building their own apps. Building an app is like asking the average person to do a math problem: fun for us technical people, like sucking a lemon for most people. They just want to use the damn app and proceed with what is important to them.

  3. Glide does not currently have the app store page that is being imagined. Rather we have a “build your own app store” which most people will be turned off from. If we are interested in mass market selling our apps, I believe we need to emphasize the buy an app aspect of Glide rather than buy a platform for building apps.

There are more things that need to be said about this, but I need to run. I’ll participate in the ensuing conversation…

– Harry