Glide App Store | a new era

Hey Gliders,

I came up with a new idea, why not creating a sort of web platform similar to the apple store and play store that we are used to.

Something kind of spectacular, where the users will be able to download the apps they were looking for (paid or not).

This will eventually attract new gliders that will be able to create new apps.

This has no relation to the template store in which devs can create/copy templates for their new apps. I really want this to be a customer related platform.

This will have a huge positive impact on glide, and will make it even more popular. I think that Glide should really consider this as a priority simply because the future of native apps are PWA’s and because we are already in that new era, many competitions will be creating their own stores. Glide should step on that and not miss that opportunity.

Please vote for it and let me know of your thoughts ! :slight_smile: