App access blocked for one user

Hello team :wave:

Can someone explain me why this email domain can’t « request access » ? (see green parenthesis on image.)

Others (; etc.) are fine to request access, and appear in my user table request list.

The email domain is the company of the user.

(Important user to us actually :upside_down_face:)

Thanks in advance!

What are your privacy settings?

Can you show them please?

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Hello Darren,

Again helping me and my users… thanks!!

here are my settings:

But note it always worked, and still work with all email domain i tested except this one…
Like a firewall/blacklist from glide servers?

That’s weird. I would submit a support ticket.

Have you checked and double-checked that exact email address exists in your User Profiles table?

I haven’t checked if it works exactly like what I think, but if you don’t have access to the app based on the privacy settings, can you send a request? I thought people should be able to send a request in that case.

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I also haven’t tested it, but I noticed that there is a setting for this:

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