API actions not handled by Zapier or Make

This is a little off topic, since it’s only Glide-adjacent, but I thought I’d throw this out in case anyone can point me to some help.

I create Quickbooks invoices from Glide. Unfortunately, our Quickbooks client list has about 2500 clients that were created with the wrong tax status, so users have to be on their toes to catch the wrong ones when invoices go out. I’d like to be able to edit the taxable status of the Quickbooks clients starting from a spreadsheet of the ones that need to be changed, but this field doesn’t seem to be available to either Zapier or Make actions.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use the Quickbooks API directly to change that value directly, and how to go about it or who to ask?


Can you check their docs and see where the “tax status” field is stored?

It’s this boolean on the Customer object. If it’s changed from false to true, the DefaultTaxCodeRef is applied. At least that’s what happens if a person changes it manually.

Taxable is Line 31 on this sample Customer object