Call API workaround via Zapier

Hey Guys,

Hope you are all well! We are working with a customer who is on the Pro Legacy Plan and does not want to upgrade to the business package so we cannot use the Glide Call API.

They have an existing software called MMX which is an insurance solution. We are trying to build a feature that can call the data from MMX (not supported by Zapier) and then bring that data back into Glide tables via Zapier.

I got halfway through the GET webhook but then realised that if the logic is :

New Glide action → GET webhook with Glides CURL ADD ROWS API we wouldn’t be calling any data at all :joy:

How would you work around this issue with Zapier?

Appreciate any feedback…

I’m not sure I fully understand. Is it right that what you need is calling the data from MMX, then adding rows into Glide Tables?

Hey @ThinhDinh Yes exactly. I think I might have found a solution :

On Zapier you can catch a webhook, So I reached out to their team to get them to send a webhook to the Zapier Endpoint URL and then trigger a custom webhook to dump it all in Glide Tables.

Should work no?

Thanks alot!

Yes, that will work. But you won’t be sending a Webhook to Glide, because Glide does not listen for Webhooks.

You need to send a HTTP POST request with a JSON payload with a collection of add-row-to-table mutations - one for each row to be added.

In Make we would do this using a JSON module to prepare the payload, and then a HTTP module to make the API call. I don’t know how it’s done in Zapier (I don’t use it), but I know it can be done.

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Ah Okay Perfect Thanks a lot mate!

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