Answers from ChatGPT are disappearing from Google Sheet


I am using an “Answer a question” integration. I am using this action “On Submit” of a form and storing the answer from GPT on a “Description” column on my Google Sheet.

When I submit my form, it takes 2-3 seconds for the answer to appear and it works perfectly fine. But later the answers get disappeared from my column. What would cause this?

Update: When I submit the form, the answers show up on the Detail Screen and also show up on my columns, but when I refresh the answers disappear. Also, the answers are never stored on sheets, but are visible for few minutes on Glide Tables and then disappear.

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@NoCodeAndy @Jason

I encountered same issue last night

There could be several reasons why the answers are disappearing from the “Description” column on your Google Sheet. One possible reason is that there might be an issue with the integration between the form and the Google Sheet. It is possible that the integration is not set up correctly or there might be some technical issues causing the data to not be stored properly.

Another reason could be that there might be some sort of conflict between the form and other apps or add-ons that you might have installed on your Google account. These apps or add-ons might be interfering with the data storage process, causing the answers to disappear from the sheet.

It is also possible that there might be some sort of permission issue with your Google account. If you do not have the necessary permissions to access or edit the sheet, then it might cause issues with storing data.

Do you use the same “on submit” action as Hassan? Generally “on submit” actions might act weird if you try to immediately set a value to a column after adding the form’s row.

When the “GPT” step fires, the row might not already be available on the Sheet version of the database, so the attempt to write to it may fail. It’s not the case with the “Glide” database, since it’s instant, so it might appear for a while, and when the Sheet version syncs back, the “empty” value of the GPT answer syncs back, resulting in the behaviour you saw.

I would suggest trying a “wait” action for a few seconds to see if it helps.

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Makes sense. And now I understand what’s the use of Wait action. Will try and update on this post.

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